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The weight of the squash racket

The weight of the racket plays a huge role in the way it influences your game. Usually rackets are between 100 and 200 grams, most of which are closer to 100 grams. The rackets that are designed for recreational users are often made of aluminum and slightly heavier. This makes it relatively easy for the player to hit hard and to control the stroke smoothly.

The rackets are becoming lighter for advanced players. The idea behind this is that the game of advanced is faster. The players must therefore be able to maneuver the racket faster and get it in the right positions. It is always the challenge for the manufacturers of these rackets to make a racket that is as light as possible in combination with as much power as possible. The shape of the leaf A racket can generally have 3 different shapes. A teardrop, a traditional or a hybrid (a combination of the 2 aforementioned).

A teardrop-shaped racket has a long racket blade. This makes it possible to combine a lightweight racket with the power of a heavier racket. In addition, this form is extra forgiving because it has a larger “sweet spot”. A traditional racket contains an opening at the neck of a racket. The biggest advantages of this form are that these rackets are more precise and offer more control. The rackets usually have a smaller sweet spot than the teardrop-shaped ones. The hybrid racket contains features of both of the above.

Because it has a small opening at the neck, the sweet spot is not as large as that of a tear-shaped one, but it is more forgiving than the traditional shape. Balance sheet When you buy a squash racket, the weight of this racket can be in different places. The most common are “head heavy”, “grip heavy” or “balance”. With “head heavy” the weight is at the top of the racket. This ensures that the racket feels heavier than it actually is. An advantage of this is that the player has more power. When a racket is “grip heavy” the weight is in the grip of the racket. This makes the racket feel lighter than it actually is. An advantage of this is that the racket can be maneuvered faster in the positions required for a fast game. With “balance” the weight is in the middle.

This is the middle ground of the above balance sheets. Are you not quite sure about your choice? Send us a chat message via the website and we will immediately help you choose your ideal squash racket.